Cyfle is a successful and sustainable solution that has been introduced to support the construction industry and its dilemma of an ever shrinking young local workforce. Cyfle is borne from old-fashioned values whereby young trainees experience an apprenticeship (not too unlike the past), this will take them from college trainee to full-blown craftsperson. To be selected as a Cyfle apprentice each trainee will have undergone a stringent interview process after which the successful trainee will be selected from the best of that year’s college group and will then be employed directly by Cyfle on a yearly contract.

At Cyfle, we believe that every young trainee that we employ deserves the opportunity to prove themselves in the workplace regardless of their age or experience and we want to give that young person a chance.

What is Cyfle and what can it do for my business?

The Cyfle scheme is a low-risk opportunity for your business to support the future of the construction industry whilst also providing you with potential employees, however the scheme is so much more than that to the apprentice, it is a crucial first career foothold for the trainee in their chosen field of work. At Cyfle, your coordinator will have extensive knowledge as well as a genuine interest in our industry.

Across South and West Wales our local Project Co-ordinators individually match an apprentice to a business in their local community where they will continue to learn valuable trade core skills whilst on-the-job where it counts. Our apprentices will work with their host employer for as long or as short a period as you require them whilst also receiving full support from the project coordinator at all times. Cyfle will provide the apprentices with a weekly training allowance plus any travel expenses in addition to any other associated costs whilst the host employer will be expected to contribute a small daily rate.

The Cyfle scheme bridges the gap between the college and the workplace giving young people interested in construction essential work experience whilst, providing good role models. The Cyfle scheme will also build their confidence and offer them a quality vocational alternative to academic learning. All the apprentices will have a willing and positive approach to any task that is asked of them


  • We arrange and organise all of the necessary paperwork.
  • We interview then recruit the young person and, then employ them directly.
  • The apprentice will work in an average week up to 40 hours.
  • We will provide the majority of the apprentice’s protective clothing required.
  • The local Project Co-ordinator will support you and the apprentice throughout their placement.
  • At the end of the placement there is no obligation for you to provide a job.


  • An interest in helping a local young person start their journey into working life.
  • A willing member of your team to mentor the young person whilst on placement.
  • Contribute a small daily rate to their trainee.

If you are interested in ‘hosting’ a Cyfle apprentice, then please contact:

Paul Falzon, Coordinator for Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion




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