Established in October 2008, DTG is an Independent Training Group created for the benefit of Cerdigion and Pembrokeshire’s Construction Industry.  Funded by ConstructionSkills our role is to provide local and cost effective training and development opportunities to our members.  The aim is to assist them in developing and maintaining their companies to a standard that exceeds that of national competitors.

Objectives of the Associations

  • To serve and promote the interests of the construction industry at a local level
  • To provide a forum within which training and development can be discussed, developed and implemented to the quality and quantity required by the local industry
  • Maintain effective communications with group members in the way most appropriate to the individual member needs to promote training and development
  • Provide members with a cost effective training brokerage network

We use our experience of the Construction Industry, along with feedback from members, to ensure we offer solutions to current challenges posed by modern industry.

By liaising with members and associates including educational establishments, charities, apprentice officers, public bodies and local suppliers we have developed a unique network for the local industry and benefit from the opinions, feedback and advice of all parties.

We offer discounts on local services and training, negotiated on behalf of the group with recommended, high quality training providers.

Members use the group as a forum and sounding board for discussing local needs and concerns.  We offer a voice to the local industry, feeding back to the South West Wales Forum and Welsh Assembly.


Meet the Team


Mark Thomson 

Ken Pearson
Executive Officer


Aled Hughes

Billy Davies
Executive Officer


Huw Parsons
Executive Officer

Lisa Brinson Phillips
Group Training Officer




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